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Talks and Posters for Download

Schatzalp Workshop 2017

Presenter's name Title of the talk Download
Keynote: William L. Ellsworth
(Univ. Stanford)
The Evolving Earthquake Hazard near Cushing, Oklahoma PDF
Keynote: Domenico Giardini
Using underground experiments to improve the understanding of induced seismicity PDF
Solicited: Mauro Buttinelli
Kinematic inversion of pre-existing faults by wastewater injection-related induced seismicity: the Val d’Agri oil field case study (Italy) PDF
Solicited: Patricia Martínez-Garzón
Geothermal induced seismicity: What links source mechanics and event magnitudes to faulting regime and injection rates? PDF
Keynote: Ernst Huenges
Soft stimulation and induced seismicity PDF
Keynote: Stefan Wiemer
Induced Seismicity in Switzerland: An update and outlook PDF
Keynote: Annemarie G. Muntendam-Bos
The Challenge of Managing Extraction Induced Seismicity in Groningen, The Netherlands PDF
Keynote: Harsh K. Gupta
Continued Reservoir Triggered Seismicity at Koyna, India PDF
Solicited: Jannes Kinscher
On the variety of post-deformation phenomena in abandoned mining districts: Insights from seismic source analysis PDF


Presenter's name Title of the poster Download
Kwang-Il Kim et al.
Induced seismicity protocol for the first Enhanced Geothermal Systems project in Pohang, Korea PDF
Vincent Maurer et al.
On-going seismic monitoring of the Rittershoffen and the Soultz EGS projects (Alsace, France PDF
Lluis Salo
Analysis of static stress variations in the 2013 Valencia Gulf (NE Spain) seismic sequence PDF
Danijela Sijacic
Statistical evidence of production driven seismicity at Groningen Field PDF
Tobias Neuffer and Simon Kremers
Influence of wind turbines on seismic noise at monitoring stations in Northern Germany PDF
Presenter's name Title of the talk Download
Keynote: James Dieterich
(Univ. California)
Application of Large-Scale Earthquake Simulations to Seismicity Induced by fluid injection PDF
Solicited: Martin Galis
Two physics-based models for estimation of magnitudes of fluid-injection-induced earthquakes PDF
Solicited: Dimitrios Karvounis
Comparing strategies for stimulating and relieving an EGS reservoir with 3D Monte Carlo simulations PDF
Keynote: Paul Segall
(Univ. Stanford)
Poroelastic and Earthquake Nucleation Effects in Induced Seismicity PDF
Solicited: Moritz Ziegler
Injection induced stress rotations and their effect on induced seismicity PDF
Keynote: Brice Lecampion
Potential Sources of Seismicity during the Propagation of a Height Contained Hydraulic Fracture PDF
Solicited: Hadi Ghofrani
(Western Univ.)
Rates of Induced-Earthquake Activation in Western Canada and Implications for Hazard PDF
Solicited: Arnaud Mignan
The Static Behaviour of Induced Seismicity PDF
Solicited: Lisa Johann
(FU Berlin)
Scaling of postinjection-induced seismicity – An approach to better understand fluid injection-related processes PDF
Solicited: Andreas Barth
Statistical distributions of seismicity in the Cooper Basin geothermal field – a way towards predictive models of induced seismicity PDF
Keynote: Tomas Fischer
(Charles Univ.)
Seismic valve as a driving mechanism of the 2014 aftershock sequences in West Bohemia PDF


Presenter's name Title of the poster Download
Alin Chitu et al.
Optimization of operational strategies in producing gas fields mitigating induced seismic risk PDF
Dimitrios Karvounis et al.
Modeling induced seismicity in abandoned enhanced geothermal system PDF
Arnaud Mignan
New horizons in the understanding & mitigation of induced seismicity: physics, risk, communication PDF
Antonio P. Rinaldi et al.
Modeling of earthquake interaction for induced seismicity PDF
Nodar Varamashvili et al.
Seismic and mass-movement processes stimulation modeling PDF
Brecht Wassing et al.
The impact of visco-elastic caprock on fault reactivation and fault rupture in producing gas fields PDF
Friedemann Wenzel
Fluid-Induced Seismicity – Comparison of Rate - and State - and Critical Pressure Theory PDF
Dominik Zbinden et al.
On the physics-based processes behind production-induced seismicity in natural gas fields PDF
Rajdeep Deb and Patrick Jenny
Numerical modeling of injection induced shear failure in fractured reservoir using extended finite volume method PDF
Dominik Zbinden et al.
Hydro-mechanical modelling of induced seismicity during the deep geothermal project in St. Gallen, Switzerland PDF
Mohammadreza Jalali and Dimitrios Karvounis
THMS Simulation of Enhanced Geothermal System via an Adaptive Hybrid Numerical Method PDF
Antonio P. Rinaldi et al.
Seismicity induced by seasonal variation of reservoir level: the case of Pertusillo lake, Val D’Agri (Italy) PDF
Presenter's name Title of the talk Download
Keynote: Hiroshi Ogasawara
(Ritsumeikan Univ.)
Drilling to probe quasi-static and dynamic seismic ruptures in deep South African gold mines PDF
Solicited: Valentin Gischig
Induced micro-seismicity observed during meter-scale hydraulic fracturing PDF
Solicited: Grzegorz Kwiatek
Insight into subdecimeter fracturing processes during hydraulic fracture experiment in Äspö hard rock laboratory, Sweden PDF
Solicited: Christophe Nussbaum
Aseismic fault slip and leakage preceding an earthquake induced during an in-situ fault reactivation experiment in the Opalinus Clay, Mont Terri rock laboratory, Switzerland PDF
Solicited: Loes Buijze
Unstable slip events on large-scale experimental faults with variable along-fault lithologies PDF
Solicited: Paul Selvadurai
Direct measurements of asperity evolution in the laboratory relating to fault reactivation in stimulated reservoirs PDF


Presenter's name Title of the poster Download
Federico Ciardo and Brice Lecampion
Modelling of fluid injection into a frictional weakening dilatant fault PDF
Stephan Gehne et al.
(Univ. Portsmouth)
Fluid driven fracture mechanics in highly anisotropic shale: a laboratory study with application to hydraulic fracturing PDF
Matt Wilks
Towards distributed acoustic sensing as a viable microseismic monitoring tool: results from the field PDF
Marco M. Scuderi et al.
(Sapienza Univ.)
The effect of fluid injection on an experimental fault and its role on frictional stability and earthquake triggering PDF
Linus Villiger et al.
Micro-seismic monitoring during hydraulic-shearing experiments at the Grimsel Test Site PDF
Presenter's name Title of the talk Download
Keynote: Mark D. Zoback
(Univ. Stanford)
Assessing Potential Magnitudes of Injection-Induced Seismicity on Faults in Crystalline Basement and Overlaying Sedimentary rocks PDF
Solicited: Tobias Diehl
IThe induced earthquake sequence of St. Gallen, Switzerland: Fault reactivation and fluid interactions imaged by microseis-micity PDF
Solicited: Bettina Goertz-Allmann
Interaction between reservoir and basement revealed by C02-induced seismicity at Decatur PDF
Solicited: Martin Schoenball
(Univ. Stanford)
A macroscopic study of the spatio-temporal evolution of induced seismicity on single faults in Oklahoma and Southern Kansas PDF
Keynote: Gail M. Atkinson
(Western Univ.)
Unstable slip events on large-scale experimental faults with variable along-fault lithologies PDF
Solicited: Jean-Robert Grasso
Long lasting seismicity swarm related to conventional gas production: Lacq gas field, France, 1969-2017 PDF
Keynote: Stefan Baisch
(Q-con GmbH)
Insights from 75,000 earthquakes induced in the Cooper Basin Enhanced Geothermal System PDF
Solicited: Ian Main
(Univ. Edinburgh)
Induced seismicity at the UK ‚Hot Dry Rock‘ test site for geothermal energy production: a new synthesis PDF
Solicited: Sergey Turuntaev
(Russian Acad. Sci.)
Discriminating Features of Induced Seismicity in Application to Sakhalin Offshore Hydrocarbon Fields PDF
Solicited: David Eaton
(Univ. Calgary)
Dynamics of fault activation by hydraulic fracturing PDF
Solicited: Nicholas Deichmann
(formerly SED)
Why ML and MW for small earthquakes scale as 1:1.5 instead of 1:1 PDF


Presenter's name Title of the poster Download
Xiaowei Chen et al.
(Univ. Oklahoma)
Revealing full spectrum of triggering processes in induced seismicity Part 1
Part 2
Marcus Herrmann et al.
A consistent high-resolution catalog of the induced earthquakes in Basel based on template matching PDF
Eszter Kiraly-Proag et al.
Model testing and a new type of ensemble model to better forecast induced seismicity PDF
Konstantinos G. Megalooikonomou et al.
Towards Performance-Driven Monitoring and Early Warning Systems for Induced Seismicity PDF
Toni Kraft et al.
Induced Seismicity at the geothermal project Schlattingen, CH PDF
Gregor Mokelke et al.
(Stuttgart Univ.)
Recent Seismicity in the Northern German Gas Fields - Induced or Tectonic? PDF
Tobias Megies et al.
pyNetOpt3D - A Python API for Monitoring Network Optimization PDF
Monika Bischoff et al.
Characteristics of seismicity induced by gas production in Northern Germany PDF
Presenter's name Title of the talk Download
Solicited: Karin van Thienen-Visser
Categorizing seismic risk for the onshore gas fields in the Netherlands PDF
Solicited: Cornelius Langenbruch
(Univ. Stanford)
How will induced seismicity in Oklahoma respond to decreased saltwater injection rates? PDF
Keynote: Evelina Trutnevyte
Expert agreements and disagreements on induced seismicity by Enhanced Geothermal Systems PDF
Keynote: Gunter Siddiqi
Switzerland’s support for geothermal energy PDF


Presenter's name Title of the poster Download
Sarah Barrett et al.
(Swiss Re)
Induced seismicity by hydrofracking and wastewater disposal: the re/insurance perspective PDF
Theresa Knoblauch et al.
Communicating induced seismicity of deep geothermal energy and shale gas: low-probability high-consequence events and uncertainty PDF