Schatzalp Workshop 2019

Talks and Posters for Download

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Keynote: William L. Ellsworth
(Stanford University)
Induced Seismicity in the Permian Basin, USA PDF
Solicited: Brian Baptie
(British Geological Survey)
Seismicity Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing operations at Preston New Road, Lancashire, 2018 PDF
Solicited: Vala Hjorleifsdottir
(Reykjavik Energy)
Induced earthquakes in the Hellisheiði geothermal field, Iceland PDF
Solicited: Antony Butcher
(University of Bristol)
Induced Seismicity at Thoresby Colliery, UK PDF
Solicited: Kwang-Hee Kim
(Pusan National University)
The 15 November 2017 Pohang Earthquake PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
Thorbjörg Ágústsdóttir
(Iceland GeoSurvey)
Seismicity rate and earthquake source mechanisms in the Hengill and Hverahlíð geothermal fields, SW-Iceland, October 2016-2018 coming soon
Chris Bromley
(GNS Science)
Benefits of Non-Damaging, Publicly-Acceptable, Geothermal Induced Micro-Seismicity in New Zealand PDF
Paul Friberg
(Instrumental Software Technologies)
Seismicity Induced by Hydraulic Fracturing in Ohio in 2016: Case study of the Conotton sequence in Harrison County coming soon
Laura Gulia
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Reinvestigating the earthquake size distribution of induced seismicity at the Groningen gas field coming soon
Stephen Hicks
(Imperial College London)
The 2018 Newdigate, Surrey, UK earthquake sequence: induced by nearby oilfield activities, or not? coming soon
Gregor Hillers
(University of Helsinki)
Data features from a network around the 2018 EGS stimulation in Espoo/Helsinki, Finland coming soon
Guoyan Jiang
(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Ground Expansion and Seismic Hazard Induced by the Hutubi Natural Gas Repository, Xinjiang, China PDF
Andrew Jupe
(altcom Limited)
Seismic monitoring at the United Downs Deep Geothermal Project (UDDGP), Cornwall, United Kingdom coming soon
Anne Obermann
(Swiss Seismological Service)
COSEISMIQ Project: Control Seismicity and Manage Induced Earthquakes PDF
Marc Schaming
(Strasbourg University/CNRS)
Studying induced seismicity within the EPOS Thematic Core Service on Anthropogenic Hazards (TCS-AH) PDF
Rob Skoumal
(United States Geological Survey)
Characterizing seismogenic faults and discerning hydraulic fracturing induced earthquakes in Oklahoma coming soon



Presenter Talk Title Download
Keynote: Manuel Sintubin
(Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
The Societal Role of Scientists in Induced Seismicity – Lessons Learned from Groningen (The Netherlands) PDF
Keynote: Caspar Hirschi
(University of St. Gallen)
The Limits of Expert Knowledge as a Political Problem PDF
Keynote: Jen Schneider
(Boise State University)
All Shook Up: Rethorics of Induced Seismicity PDF
Keynote: Evelina Trutnevyte
(University of Geneva)
Where do energy and environmental benefits from EGS outweigh induced seismicity risk? PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
Evelina Trutnevyte
(University of Geneva)
Views of the informed citizen panel to EGS and other electricity generation alternatives in Switzerland coming soon



Presenter Talk Title Download
Solicited: Peter Meier
(Geo-Energie Suisse AG)
Understanding the Pohang EGS reservoir and the need for advanced traffic light systems PDF
Keynote: Gunter Siddiqi
(Swiss Federal Office of Energy)
Non-seismic Reverberations of the M5.4 Pohang Earthquake in Switzerland PDF
Keynote: Torsten Dahm
(German Research Centre For Geosciences)
Earthquakes close to anthropogenic activities – statistical discrimination without statistics? PDF
Solicited: Julian Bommer
(Imperial College London)
Towards a More Robust and Transparent Simplified Scheme for the Discrimination of Induced from Natural Seismicity PDF
Keynote: Norman Sieroka
(ETH Zurich)
Human-induced or Natural? – Some Philosophical Considerations and Concepts PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
Andrés Alcolea
(Geo-Energie Suisse AG)
Hydromechanical modelling of the hydraulic stimulation PX2-1 in Pohang (South Korea) coming soon
Celso Alvizuri
(University of Lausanne)
Seismic moment tensor analysis for the 2016 Gyeongju and 2017 Pohang earthquakes coming soon
Falko Bethmann
(Geo-Energie Suisse AG)
Seismicity analysis with spatial or temporal relation to the deep geothermal project in Pohang coming soon
Simone Cesca
(German Research Centre for Geosciences)
The November 15, 2017, Pohang earthquake: A potential anthropogenic event of Mw 5.5 in South Korea coming soon
Jin-Han Ree
(Korea University)
Reactivation of Unfavorably-oriented Faults for the 2017 Pohang Earthquake Sequence: Driven by Fluid Overpressure? coming soon




Presenter Talk Title Download
Solicited: Bernard Dost
(Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)
New developments in monitoring seismicity in the Groningen gas field PDF
Keynote: Stephen Bourne
(Shell Global Solutions International B.V.)
Physics-based, operational forecasting of productioninduced seismicity within the Groningen gas field PDF
Keynote: Jan-Dirk Jansen
(Delft University of Technology)
Insights from a closed-form solution for injection- and production-induced stresses in vertical displaced faults PDF
Solicited: Sander Osinga
A Framework for Training and Testing Induced Seismicity Forecasting Models: the Groningen Case Study PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
Loes Buijze
Elastic vs inelastic reservoir compaction: Effect on the stress path, fault reactivation, and induced seismic rupture coming soon
Annemarie Muntendam-Bos
(SodM/Delft University of Technology)
Clustering Characteristics of Gas-Extraction Induced Seismicity coming soon



Presenter Talk Title Download
Keynote: Chris Marone
(Pennsylvania State University)
Laboratory Earthquakes Precursors and Prediction PDF
Solicited: Marco Scuderi
(Sapienza University of Rome)
Fluid-injection and the mechanics of frictional stability of shale-bearing faults PDF
Keynote: Art Mc Garr
(United States Geological Survey)
Seismic and Aseismic Response to Fluid Injection PDF
Keynote: Jean Schmittbuhl
(Strasbourg University/CNRS)
Induced seismic and aseismic slip in EGS reservoir: Case studies from Alsace, France PDF
Keynote: Alexandre Schubnel
(Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris)
Energy budget during laboratory earthquakes PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
Michelle Almakari
(Mines ParisTech)
Shear induced fluid flow and permeability enhancement during fluid injection lab experiment coming soon
Stephan Bentz
(German Research Centre for Geosciences)
Analysis of microseismicity framing Mw > 2.5 earthquakes at The Geysers geothermal field, California PDF
Nathalie Casas
(Institut national des sciences appliquées de Lyon)
Slip in granular fault gouges: factors influencing the slip regime PDF
Adam Klinger
(University of Bristol)
Stress drop parameters of fracking-induced microseismicity coming soon
Brice Tanguy Alphonse Lecampion
(EPFL Lausanne)
A-seismic fracture growth driven by fluid injection and remote nucleation of dynamic rupture in a weaker part of the fault PDF
Jose Angel Lopez-Comino
(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
Rupture complexity of an injection induced event: the 2016 Mw 5.1 Fairview, Oklahoma earthquake PDF
Yusuke Mukuhira
(Tohoku University)
Dependency of the induced seismicity b-value on the stress state of existing fractures PDF
Verena Simon
(Swiss Seismological Service)
High-resolution analysis of seismicity patterns in microearthquake sequences using waveform similarity methods PDF
Sergey Turuntaev
(Institute of Geosphere Dynamics of Russian Academy of Sciences)
Laboratory study of hydrofracturing and related seismicity PDF
Clay Wood
(Pennsylvania State University)
The Effect of Roughness on the Elasticity and Permeability of Fractured Media coming soon



Presenter Talk Title Download
Solicited: Lisa Johann
(Freie Universität Berlin)
Seismicity in Central Oklahoma shows features of reservoir-induced seismicity PDF
Keynote: Thomas Goebel
(University of California at Santa Cruz)
Examining the distance decay and effects of active mitigation on injection induced seismicity PDF
Keynote: Jean-Paul Ampuero
(Université Côte d’Azur)
Connecting physics-based models of natural and induced seismicity PDF
Solicited: François Passelegue
(EPFL Lausanne)
On the nature of induced seismicity: Control from pore pressure distribution PDF
Solicited: Peter van den Bogert
An analytical approach to fault rupturing in depleting gas reservoirs PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
Jens-Erik Lund Snee
(Stanford University)
A second-generation stress map of the intraplate USA, and its utilization for managing the hazard of injection-induced seismicity coming soon
Corentin Noël
(EPFL Lausanne)
Fault reactivation during pore pressure oscillations coming soon
Luca Urpi
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Can a deep geological repository in a clay formation maintain its integrity and still reactivate a nearby fault? PDF
Marcel Schulz
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Analysis of injection data for pore pressure and minimum horizontal stress magnitude estimates in the Arbuckle Formation PDF
Victor Vilarrasa
(Spanish National Research Council)
Inhomogeneous fault stability due to fluid injection PDF
Brecht Wassing
Modelling of long-term temperature effects on fault reactivation and induced seismicity potential in conventional geothermal doublets in The Netherlands coming soon
Ju Hyi Yim
(Seoul National University)
Coulomb Stress Changes by Fault Slip and Pore Pressure Push due to Fluid Injection PDF



Presenter Talk Title Download
Solicited: Antonio Pio Rinaldi
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Hydroshearing and permeability enhancement: Revisiting a fracture zone stimulation at Fenton Hill PDF
Solicited: Alice-Agnes Gabriel
Multi-physics earthquake simulations on complex fault networks across scales PDF
Solicited: Dominik Zbinden
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Induced seismicity during the St. Gallen deep geothermal project, Switzerland: insights from numerical modeling PDF
Solicited: Robert Vörös
(Q-con GmbH)
Inferring in situ Reservoir Pressure From Induced Earthquakes no PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
Sebastian Anger
(Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
Dynamic earthquake rupture modeling in fracture networks of geo-reservoirs accounting for the effects of thermal pressurization PDF
Amir Ashrafi Habibabadi
(ETH Zurich)
Numerical Simulation of Fracture Failure and Propagation due to Fluid Injection, in the Context of Embedded Discrete Fractures PDF
Giuseppe De Natale
(Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia)
Seismogenic potential of withdrawal-reinjection cycles: numerical modelling and implication on induced seismicity coming soon
Benjamin Edwards
(University of Liverpool)
A Hybrid Empirical Green’s Function Technique for Predicting Ground Motion from Induced Seismicity: Application to the Basel Enhanced Geothermal System PDF
Dimitrios Karvounis
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Testing Injection Scenarios with a 3D Discrete Fracture Hybrid Model PDF
Maria Kozłowska
(Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences)
How to model aftershocks in induced seismicity? Insight into seismicity of Kiruna Mine, Sweden coming soon
Maarten Pluymaekers
Depletion-induced seismicity at the Groningen gas field: Coulomb rate-and-state models for structurally complex reservoirs coming soon
Gudrun Richter
(German Research Centre for Geosciences)
Stress-based, statistical modeling of the induced seismicity at Groningen Gas Field PDF
Vasily Riga
(The Federal State Unitary Enterprise “All-Russia Research Institute of Automatics named after N.L. Dukhov”)
Numerical Analysis Of Friction Laws. Application To Induced Seismicity PDF
Vanille Ariane Ritz
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Injection strategies for EGS: balancing seismic risk and stimulation efficiency PDF
Justin Rubinstein
(United States Geological Survey)
Forecasts of Induced Seismicity and its Hazard from a Hydromechanical Earthquake Nucleation Model coming soon


Presenter Talk Title Download
Keynote: Jens Birkholzer
(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Induced Seismicity and CCS at Scale: Understanding Caprock Integrity Impacts Based on Mesoscale Experiments PDF
Solicited: Kristine Pankow
(University of Utah)
Seismic Monitoring at the Utah Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy PDF
Solicited: Georg Dresen
(German Research Centre For Geosciences)
STIMTEC – a mine-back experiment in the Reiche Zeche underground laboratory PDF
Keynote: Frédéric Cappa
(Université Côte d’Azur)
Injection-Induced Seismicity and Aseismic Fault Slip in Laboratory and In-Situ Experiments and Hydromechanical Models PDF
Keynote: Domenico Giardini
(ETH Zurich)
From rock-deformation laboratory to the deep underground laboratory of Bedretto: covering geothermal applications and earthquake physics at multiple scales PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
Marian Hertrich
Design of the seismic monitoring network for the stimulation experiments in the Bedretto Deep Underground Rock Laboratory PDF
Xiaodong Ma
(Swiss Seismological Service)
In situ stress characterization in the Bedretto Underground Laboratory: implications for induced slip of existing fractures PDF
Anne Obermann
(Swiss Seismological Service)
CS-D experiment: CO2 injection and mobility within a fault zone in tight caprock at Mont Terri PDF
Katrin Plenkers
(Gesellschaft für Materialprüfung und Geophysik)
Seismic Response to Hydraulic Fracturing in Anisotropic Rock coming soon
Linus Villiger
(Swiss Seismological Service)
On the variability of seismic response during multiple decameterscale hydraulic stimulations in crystalline rock coming soon



Presenter Talk Title Download
Solicited: Joseph Doetsch
(Swiss Seismological Service)
The Grimsel in-situ stimulation project – on the seismo-hydromechanical response during hydraulic stimulation tests PDF
Solicited: Bettina Goertz-Allmann
Understanding reservoir processes in injection operations from advanced microseismic analysis PDF
Solicited: Marcus Herrmann
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Statistical and Phenomenological Analysis of a High-resolution Catalog of Induced Seismicity in Basel PDF
Solicited: Francesco Grigoli
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Monitoring induced seismicity with a single seismic station by combining coda wave interferometry with distance geometry solvers PDF
Solicited: Corinna Roy
(University of Leeds)
Quantification of location errors for mining induced seismicity in New Ollerton, UK, using 3D Monte Carlo body wave tomography PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
Amandine Amemoutou
(German Research Centre for Geosciences)
Moment tensors of waste-water disposal induced seismicity in southern Kansas PDF
Nepomuk Boitz
(Free University Berlin)
The influence of seismic anisotropy on microseismic moment tensors and their radiation patterns PDF
Felix Borleanu
(National Institute for Earth Physics, Romania)
Microseismic monitoring and source discrimination at Izvorul Muntelui dam, northeast Romania PDF
Tobias Diehl
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Towards Real-Time Double-Difference Hypocenter Relocation as Component for Advanced Traffic Light Systems coming soon
Laure Duboeuf
Automatic picking for induced seismicity in Iceland using an EAT (Empirically Aggregated Template) methodology PDF
Sepideh Karimi
(nanometrics inc)
Practical Implementation and Evaluation of a Real-time Forecasting-based Induced Seismicity Management System coming soon
Jannes Kinscher
Automatic full wave-form based monitoring at the deep Garpenberg metal mine PDF
Andy Nowacki
(University of Leeds)
Automatic detection and location of induced and natural earthquakes using Multichannel Coherency Migration PDF
Hanneke Paulssen
(Utrecht University)
P wave travel time changes in the Groningen reservoir PDF
Natascha Vollmer
(K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies)
The seismic monitoring system in the Velenje mine, Slovenia PDF




Presenter Talk Title Download
Solicited: Sigurjon Jonsson
(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
What Triggers Seasonal Earthquakes in South Iceland? no PDF
Solicited: Grzegorz Kwiatek
(German Research Centre for Geosciences)
Controlling induced seismicity during hydraulic stimulation of a 6 km deep Enhanced Geothermal System in Finland PDF
Solicited: Andrew Barbour
(United States Geological Survey)
Slow Deformation and Rapid Seismicity-Rate Changes Triggered by Geothermal Fluid Redistribution PDF
Solicited: Enrique Chon
(University of Colorado)
Repeating Earthquakes and Shear Wave Anisotropy Measurements from an Induced Seismicity Case Study, Wattenberg Disposal Zone PDF
Solicited: Zhuo Yang
(Harvard University)
Fault reactivation by fluid injection considering permeability evolution in damage zones: a case study of Guy-Greenbrier sequence PDF
Keynote: Stefan Wiemer
(Swiss Seismological Service)
Testing advanced traffic light systems for the management of induced seismicity PDF


Presenter Poster Title Download
No Posters