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Specialisation in Seismology

Most scientists at the SED have an MSc or PhD in geophysics. If you, too, would like to become a seismologist, the SED recommends that you gain an MSc in Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich, majoring in geophysics. Those students who want a more international profile can opt for ETH Zurich's Joint Master in Applied Geophysics, where the teaching is split three, equal ways between ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands).

After successfully completing your studies you can complete a PhD in seismology. The SED is usually supervising between 8 and 12 doctoral students at any one time. Find out here whether there are any current openings for PhD students at the SED.

In this video, seismologists talk about their studies (in their respective mother tongue) and explain what future students can look forward to. In addition, they provide insights into their day-to-day professional life.


Men-Andrin Meier

Advancing real-times seismic risk mitigation: probabilistic earthquake early warning and physics based earthquake triggering models

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten:  John Clinton, Maximilian Werner, Thomas Heaton, Richard Allen

Claudia Röösli

Seismic investigation of moulin tremor and basal icequakes of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Referent:          Edi Kissling

Korreferenten:  Fabian Walter, Martin Funk, Stefan Wiemer, Sridhar Anandakrishnan

Youbing Zhang

Pseudo-dynamic source inversion

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  John Clinton, Seok Goo, Luis Dalguer, Aldo Zollo



David A.J. Eberhard

Multiscale seismicity analysis and forecasting: applications to the Western Pacific and Iceland

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten:  Jeremy Zechar, Frederic Schoenberg, Kristin S. Vogfjörd

Stefan Hiemer

Next-generation probabilistic seismicity forecasting

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten:  Jochen Wössner, Domenico Giardini, Edward Field

Percy Galvez Barrón

3D dynamic rupture modeling in geometrically complex fault systems: The 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku earthquake

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Luis Dalguer, JeanPaul Ampuero, Gaetano Festa



Cyrill Baumann

Evaluating compatibility of ground motions resulting from dynamic rupture models with empirical GMPE and an attempt to develop physics-based synthetic GMPE

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Sinan Akkar, Carlo Cauzzi, Luis Dalguer

Marta Caprio

Regional dependence in earthquake early warning and real time seismology

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten: Georgia Cua, Domenico Giardini, Thomas Heaton

Stefano Maranò

Array Processing for Seismic Surface Waves

Referent:          Donat Fäh

Korreferenten:  Domenico Giardini, Hans-Andrea Loeliger, Heiner Igel

Yaming Wang

Automatic reconstruction of fault networks from seismicity catalogs including location uncertainty

Referent:          Didier Sornette

Korreferenten: Stephan Husen, Jochen Wössner, Guy Ouillon, David Marsan



Walter Imperatori

Beyond earthquake sources: the effects of earth structure on ground shaking in the era of broad-band simulations

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten: Martin Mai, Klaus Holliger, Luis Dalguer, Raph Archuleta

Michael Wagner

Improved 3D crustal models and the influence of secondary phases on earthquake hypocenter determination: application to the western Alps

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten: Stephan Husen, Edi Kissling, Frederik Tilmann



Bachmann Corinne Elisabeth

New approaches towards understanding and forecasting induced seismicity

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten:  Domenico Giardini, Serge Shapiro, Jochen Wössner

Bethmann Falko

Magnitude scaling relations and attenuation in thick sediments: application to the induced seismicity beneath the city of Basel, Switzerland

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Nicolas Deichmann, Martin Mai, Frank Scherbaum

Poggi Valerio

The use of surface waves for site characterization and seismic hazard analysis

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Pierre-Yves Bard

Spada Matteo

From crustal imaging to long-term seismic hazard assessment: new methodologies for generating 3D crustal models and synthetic earthquake catalogs

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten: Edi Kissling, Domenico Giardini, Sebastian Hainzl

Tormann Thessa

b-values as stress-meters in the earth’s crust

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, Jeanne Hardebeck



Mena Cabrera Banu

Physics-based classification, quantification, and simulation of ground motion for earthquake engineering applications

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Martin Mai, Luis Dalguer, Fabrice Cotton



van Stiphout Thomas

Uncertainty assessment in statistical seismology: applications to subduction zone processes and time-dependent hazard and risk

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, Edi Kissling, Danijel Schorlemmer, Warner Marzocchi



Fritsche Stefan

Large historical earthquakes in Switzerland. Multidisciplinary studies on damage fields and site-effects

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  David Gugerli, Donat Fäh, Massimiliano Stucchi



Roten Daniel

Site effects in the Rhône Valley analysed by ambient noise, weak motion records and numerical simulations

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Pierre-Yves Bard



Keine Promotionen



Wössner Jochen

Correlating statistical properties of aftershock sequences to earthquake physics

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, Egill Hauksson



Schnellmann Michael

Late quaternary mass movements in a perialpine Lake (Lake Lucerne, Switzerland): Sedimentary Processes, Natural Hazards and Paleoseismic Reconstructions

Referent:          Flavio Anselmetti

Korreferenten:  Judy McKenzie, Domenico Giardini, M. de Batist

Ferry Matthieu Alexis

Adaptation of the palaeoseismological approach to local tectonic regime: comparative study of the intraplate Basel Reinach fault, Switzerland, and the interplate North Anatolian fault, Turkey

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Mustapha Meghraoui, Adrian Pfiffner, Rolando Armijo

Monecke Katrin

Earthquake-induced deformation structures in lake deposits - A late Pleistocene to Holocene paleoseismic record for Central Switzerland

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Arnfried Becker, Flavio Anselmetti, Michael Sturm, Jose-Pedro Calvo

Bernardi Fabrizio

Earthquake source parameters in the Alpine-Mediterranean region from surface wave analysis

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Jochen Braunmiller, Urs Kradolfer, Torsten Dahm                                                              

Schorlemmer Danijel

EARTHquake statistics and likelihood model testing in California

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, David Jackson, Max Wyss

Steimen Sibylle

Uncertainties in earthquake scenarios

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Jochen Zschau, S.Tschudi



Gerstenberger Matthew

Earthquake clustering and time-dependent probabilistic seismic hazard analysis for California

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, Lucile Jones



Kastrup Ulrike

Seismotectonics and stress field variations in Switzerland

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Nicholas Deichmann, Keith Evans, Mary Lou Zoback

Kind Fortunat

Development of microzhonation methods: application to Basle, Switzerland

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Frank Scherbaum, Peter Huggenberger

Bay Francesca

Ground motion scaling in Switzerland: implications for hazard assessment

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Peter Suhadolc



Lang Kerstin

Seismic vulnerability of existing buildings

Referent:          Hugo Bachmann

Korreferenten:  Marc Badoux, G.M. Caliv, Domenico Giardini