Station Information

Waveform data is incomplete without matching metadata. This includes basic information such as the name, location and hardware operated at the station, but also describes the full characteristics of the sensors in order to allow true ground motion to be estimated for each channel. True ground motion is key to determining magnitudes of earthquakes, and can also be used to compare the noise being recorded at each station. Information about each of the stations in the network can be found in the following resources:

Site Characterization Database for Seismic Stations in Switzerland

The Site Characaterization Database provides information about location, hardware and site conditions for seismic stations in Switzerland. All existing and closed CHNet stations are included.


Basic information about CHNet stations is queryable using fdsnws-station. The station list on this service is always up-to-date. Casual users can explore the station list using their browser, and more advanced users can embed this service into programming scripts. More information can be found in the FDSN Web Services section.

Noise Characteristic of Seismic Stations using SQLX

The noise characteristics of a seismic station are a critical indicator of its performance. Continuous data from all stations in our waveform archive are processed using SQLX, a tool that uses probability density functions of the waveform power spectral density to monitor the temporal changes in amplitudes of the noise at seismic stations. More information, and daily updated noise analysis from across the stations in our archive, can be found in the SQLX section.