Real-Time Seismograms

The following figures show seismograms of the monitoring stations in the Haut-Sorne area. The seismograms show the temporal variation of the ground movement (vibration velocity), recorded within the last five and, below, the last twenty minutes at the earthquake stations BERLI, MOUTI, BOURR, EPAUV, and MORON.

The times indicated on the horizontal axes correspond to universal time (UTC). In Switzerland, Central European Time (CET) is the standard time, with a time difference of plus one hour to UTC. During Central European Summer Time (CEST) the time difference to UTC is plus two hours. 

The vertical axes show the ground motion velocities in micrometers per second (μm/s). The seismograms are filtered before they are displayed (using a band-pass filter of 2 to 10 Hz) in order to make small local earthquakes more visible.

Seismograms: last 5 minutes 



Seismograms: last 20 minutes 

Waveforms from seismic stations near Haute-Sorne (last 5 minutes)