Dr. Iason Grigoratos


Dr.  Iason Grigoratos
Swiss Seismological Service (SED)
ETH Zürich
Dr. Iason Grigoratos
NO E 27
Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich

+41 44 632 69 38

Identifying and forecasting seismicity triggered by human activities, and especially by geothermal or oil and gas injection wells. Modeling both the seismicity rate, maximum magnitude, ground-motion levels, structural damages and expected economic losses. This includes harmonization of earthquake catalogs, magnitude conversion relations and software development.

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Iason Grigoratos is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, working on seismic hazard and risk assessment for geothermal energy projects. He holds a PhD in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology from the University School of Advanced Studies of Pavia (IUSS) under the supervision of Prof. P. Bazzurro (IUSS) and Prof. E. Rathje (University of Texas at Austin). In 2014, he received a European scholarship for the Master of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (MEEES), a program he completed at the University of Grenoble Alpes (France) and at IUSS (Italy). He also holds a MEng degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Patras (Greece), with a specialization in Structural Engineering.

ORCID profile

Dr. Grigoratos is the author of 6 peer-reviewed journal publications in high-impact journals, including the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America and Earthquake Spectra. Collectively these publications have received at least 32 citations. He has also presented his work at various international conferences, including an invited talk at the US Geological Survey (USGS). Finally, he has served as a reviewer for top international journals, such as Earthquake Spectra, Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction and Frontiers in Earth Science.

Dr. Grigoratos has extensive research experience on seismicity triggered by the energy sector, earthquake catalogs, structural engineering, as well as seismic hazard and risk analysis. He has participated in two projects funded by the European Commission and in one US project funded by the State of Texas and 18 industry partners. During his PhD, he spent 2 years as a visiting Research Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin. He stayed there for his first postdoc, analyzing seismicity caused by oil and gas activities for the TexNet-CISR project. He is also a licensed structural engineer in Greece, where he has worked on the seismic design and retrofit of several buildings.