powernowd-toggle: adjusting powernowd to your needs

powernowd-toggle: adjusting powernowd to your needs

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powernowd is a very useful application. However, sometimes one might want to permanently use full power of the CPU. powernowd-toggle creates an icon on the desktop, displaying, whether powernowd is running or not.

By clicking on this icon the status is changed (if powernowd was running before, it is stopped, and vice versa), and the icon changes.
The newest version allows to 'toggle' for any user, by allowing this through a sudo-command (see /etc/sudoers after the installation).

Debian Linux users may easily install this program as follows:

- Add the following line in your /etc/apt/sources.list :
# for powernowd-toggle and others (this is new since 29Mar2005):
deb http://debian.seismo.ethz.ch sarge ethz_sed

- Then enter:   apt-get update;  apt-get install powernowd-toggle
- The documentation is then available in /usr/share/doc/powernowd-toggle

Should - after a apt-get upgrade powernowd appear in the list
'...packages are kept back...',
then simply enter:   apt-get install powernowd-toggle

Last Update: 13Apr2005 uk   -   Created: 02Jan2005

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