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Retired since 28 February 2017
Swiss Seismological Service
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Responsibilities / Publications

- Head of the group Verification Seismology at the SED (1 March 1989 - 28 February 2017)

- Member of the duty seismologist team of the SED (1983-2016)
- Coordinator of the three duty teams (2014-2017)

- Publications / Citations (Google Scholar)

- Developper and maintainer of the following selected software products:
    * AutoDRM   - Automated Data Exchange: Publication
    * Waves4U   - Automated Data Exchange: Publication
    * RedPuma   - Alert system of the SED under construction...
    * picoFirewall   - A firewall for Linux systems under construction...
    * picoFirescan   - A firewall log analyzer under construction...
    * Salander and SalanderMaps   - Detect felt earthquakes through data mining under construction...
    * CODECO   - Program to convert GSE-datafiles into other formats
    * CODECO3   - Program to convert GSE-datafiles into other formats (not yet tested on Linux!)

- Former research interests: Seismic Tomography
    * PhD Thesis (Dissertation, Doktorarbeit): Seismische Tomographie in der Schweiz mittels lokaler Erdbeben   -   Abstract/Zusammenfassung
Initial reference models in local earthquake tomography (Abstract)

- Diploma Thesis (Diplomarbeit): Magnitudenkalibrierung von Erdbebenstationen in der Schweiz

- Interviews (short selection)
  - 27.12.2013 Sargans
  - 11.04.2012 Sumatra
  - 28.3.2005 Sumatra

- AVETH (19....
- HV (19...)
- Disziplinarausschuss der ETH (19....
- Schweizerische Geologische Gesellschaft (SGG) (19.....
- European Geophysical Society (EGS) (19.....
- American Geophysical Union (AGU) (19.....
- Schweizer Gesellschaft für Erdbebeningenieurwesen und Baudynamik (SGEB) (19.....
- Seismological Society of America (SSA) (19.... -
- Vereinigung der Kader des Bundes (VKB) (19.....

Lectures / Vorlesungen:       Lecturer / Dozent at ETH Zurich since 1994
- "Angewandte Informatik in der Geophysik" (WS) (1994-2006) - Further information
- "Angewandte Erdbebenseismologie" (SS) (1999-2006) - Further Information (access from ETH sites only)
- "Beobachtungsnetze (Praktikum)" (WS) (2002-2005)
- "Dynamische Erde I" (HS) (2008 - 2015 )
- "Geophysikalisches Feldpraktikum" (FS) (2009 - 2016 ) - Further Information

Encrypted E-Mails

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Public Key No. 1:
E-Mail: Urs.Kradolfer
Key: 1024D/BB32442F (sub: 2048g/DC10002B)
Key fingerprint = 467A 72B3 BBCF E8F4 9A8E 335D E582 EEAA BB32 442F
Public Key: on
Public Key with signatures: on
Public Key No. 2:
E-Mail: Urs
Key: 1024D/928B4C37 (sub: 2048g/DFCD7D72)
Key fingerprint = 821A EEBA 4B35 125E 15AB 5780 3EB9 D016 928B 4C37
Public Key: on
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- Pathfinder and statistics:

For further information, I recommend the very comprehensive web pages of Patrick Feisthammel at (English) or (in German).         There is a very short introduction for this topic I wrote some time ago.

tux For a few years I am experimenting with Linux on both our office and private PCs. While for a few years having used SuSE Linux, I have now converted to Debian Linux. See the linux page, if you are interested. tux-dance

Computer Security

Some information presented at my talk entitled "Kill or get killed - Computer security today" are given on a special computer security webpage.

Private Stuff

Some people asked me to include some private information on this web-page... Well, here is a picture of the main task of Caroline and myself (picture from May 1998). For more information, see our private pages at

Our current problems with / unsere momentanen Probleme mit Orange and / und Habbo Hotel...
Our experience and problem with the / unsere Erfahrungen und Probleme mit der Baloise / Basler Versicherung...

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