*The AlpArray Program has officially started in 2015 and has a new website: http://www.alparray.ethz.ch/. This website of the inititation phase will not be further updated.

Project description

AlpArray is an initiative to study the greater Alpine area with high-quality broadband seismology experiments using temporary deployments. The main goal is to gather different national efforts and instrument pools into a trans-national collaboration including data acquisition, processing and imaging. The geodynamic interpretation will be based on joint Earth science discipline efforts (seismology, geology, numerical and analogue modelling, gravity anomalies, magnetotellurics, GPS). Meetings since the end of 2011 focus the objectives of AlpArray and coordinate the efforts to further plan the initiative (see Science Plan and Technical Strategy under Documents). The May 2015 meeting have concluded on an agreement about starting AlpArray officially.


As of today 67 institutes (universities, observatories, surveys etc.) from 18 countries expressed their interest in participating in AlpArray. If you are interested to actively participate in AlpArray or have questions, please contact us.


Updated station lists (May 2015)

At the May 18, 2015 AlpArray meeting the two main lists of seismological stations have been updated:
-permanent broadband stations in and around the AlpArray area: .xls, .dat, .csv, .kmz;
-current plan of the temporary AlpArray Seismic Network stations: lon-lat, .kmz.

Science Plan and Technical Strategy ready

Two pillar documents of AlpArray are now finalized and available:
-AlpArray Science Plan (incl. Memorandum of Collaboration)
-AlpArray Technical Strategy for mobile seismological components

EGU 2013 documents

Following the EGU 2013 conference in Vienna and the AlpArray Splinter Meeting, the following documents are available:
-AlpArray poster (A3);
-permanent broadband stations (as of April 2013): UPDATED, see above;
-current plans of the temporary backbone stations: UPDATED, see above.

EGU 2012 presentation and interview

The presentation of AlpArray from the EGU 2012 conference can be downloaded: poster (A3) and abstract.

Read the AlpArray interview from EGU2012 here.

Kick-off meeting slides

The slides from all talks at the kick-off meeting can be downloaded from here (password necessary).

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