Moment Tensors

At the SED, various methods have been used to derive moment tensors from Swiss and European earthquakes.

Moment Tensor List 

The currently operation solution uses the Dreger method and is fully automatic, with solution available within 10 minutes of event occurrence for events in the Swiss region. Typically, high quality solutions are available for Ml>3.5. the algorithm uses broadband waveform data collected directly in realtime by the SED, and includes Italian, French, German and Austrian stations near the Swiss border. Locations and Ml magnitudes are from the SED catalogue. Though the software was implemented in 2008, an archive exists for all events dating back to 1999, and new events are automatically added.

Discontinued catalogs

Between 2002 and 2010, moment tensor solutions for European-Mediterannean events based on the method described in Bernardi (2004) have been estimated. These fully automatic solutions, distributed to the EMSC, are based on locations from European agencies, and are typically available for events with Ml>4.5 during the period of operation. Data used consisted of datasets available in near realtime from AutoDRM at many European seismic institutes. An effort to re-activate this solution is underway, and we hope to continue this serve again shortly.

Using the method of Nabelek and Xia (1995), as described in Braunmiller et al (2002), manually reviewed moment tensor solutions for Swiss earthquakes are also available for events occurring between 1999 and 2006. Swiss broadband stations are used in these solutions.