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Herrmann Marcus

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Lee Timothee                                  

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Staudenmaier Nadine                     

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Men-Andrin Meier

Advancing real-times seismic risk mitigation: probabilistic earthquake early warning and physics based earthquake triggering models

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten:  John Clinton, Maximilian Werner, Thomas Heaton, Richard Allen

Claudia Röösli

Seismic investigation of moulin tremor and basal icequakes of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Referent:          Edi Kissling

Korreferenten:  Fabian Walter, Martin Funk, Stefan Wiemer, Sridhar Anandakrishnan

Youbing Zhang

Pseudo-dynamic source inversion

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  John Clinton, Seok Goo, Luis Dalguer, Aldo Zollo



David A.J. Eberhard

Multiscale seismicity analysis and forecasting: applications to the Western Pacific and Iceland

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten:  Jeremy Zechar, Frederic Schoenberg, Kristin S. Vogfjörd

Stefan Hiemer

Next-generation probabilistic seismicity forecasting

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten:  Jochen Wössner, Domenico Giardini, Edward Field

Percy Galvez Barrón

3D dynamic rupture modeling in geometrically complex fault systems: The 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku earthquake

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Luis Dalguer, JeanPaul Ampuero, Gaetano Festa



Cyrill Baumann

Evaluating compatibility of ground motions resulting from dynamic rupture models with empirical GMPE and an attempt to develop physics-based synthetic GMPE

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Sinan Akkar, Carlo Cauzzi, Luis Dalguer

Marta Caprio

Regional dependence in earthquake early warning and real time seismology

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten: Georgia Cua, Domenico Giardini, Thomas Heaton

Stefano Maranò

Array Processing for Seismic Surface Waves

Referent:          Donat Fäh

Korreferenten:  Domenico Giardini, Hans-Andrea Loeliger, Heiner Igel

Yaming Wang

Automatic reconstruction of fault networks from seismicity catalogs including location uncertainty

Referent:          Didier Sornette

Korreferenten: Stephan Husen, Jochen Wössner, Guy Ouillon, David Marsan



Walter Imperatori

Beyond earthquake sources: the effects of earth structure on ground shaking in the era of broad-band simulations

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten: Martin Mai, Klaus Holliger, Luis Dalguer, Raph Archuleta

Michael Wagner

Improved 3D crustal models and the influence of secondary phases on earthquake hypocenter determination: application to the western Alps

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten: Stephan Husen, Edi Kissling, Frederik Tilmann



Bachmann Corinne Elisabeth

New approaches towards understanding and forecasting induced seismicity

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten:  Domenico Giardini, Serge Shapiro, Jochen Wössner

Bethmann Falko

Magnitude scaling relations and attenuation in thick sediments: application to the induced seismicity beneath the city of Basel, Switzerland

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Nicolas Deichmann, Martin Mai, Frank Scherbaum

Poggi Valerio

The use of surface waves for site characterization and seismic hazard analysis

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Pierre-Yves Bard

Spada Matteo

From crustal imaging to long-term seismic hazard assessment: new methodologies for generating 3D crustal models and synthetic earthquake catalogs

Referent:          Stefan Wiemer

Korreferenten: Edi Kissling, Domenico Giardini, Sebastian Hainzl

Tormann Thessa

b-values as stress-meters in the earth’s crust

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, Jeanne Hardebeck



Mena Cabrera Banu

Physics-based classification, quantification, and simulation of ground motion for earthquake engineering applications

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Martin Mai, Luis Dalguer, Fabrice Cotton



van Stiphout Thomas

Uncertainty assessment in statistical seismology: applications to subduction zone processes and time-dependent hazard and risk

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, Edi Kissling, Danijel Schorlemmer, Warner Marzocchi



Fritsche Stefan

Large historical earthquakes in Switzerland. Multidisciplinary studies on damage fields and site-effects

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  David Gugerli, Donat Fäh, Massimiliano Stucchi



Roten Daniel

Site effects in the Rhône Valley analysed by ambient noise, weak motion records and numerical simulations

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Pierre-Yves Bard



Keine Promotionen



Wössner Jochen

Correlating statistical properties of aftershock sequences to earthquake physics

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, Egill Hauksson



Schnellmann Michael

Late quaternary mass movements in a perialpine Lake (Lake Lucerne, Switzerland): Sedimentary Processes, Natural Hazards and Paleoseismic Reconstructions

Referent:          Flavio Anselmetti

Korreferenten:  Judy McKenzie, Domenico Giardini, M. de Batist

Ferry Matthieu Alexis

Adaptation of the palaeoseismological approach to local tectonic regime: comparative study of the intraplate Basel Reinach fault, Switzerland, and the interplate North Anatolian fault, Turkey

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Mustapha Meghraoui, Adrian Pfiffner, Rolando Armijo

Monecke Katrin

Earthquake-induced deformation structures in lake deposits - A late Pleistocene to Holocene paleoseismic record for Central Switzerland

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Arnfried Becker, Flavio Anselmetti, Michael Sturm, Jose-Pedro Calvo

Bernardi Fabrizio

Earthquake source parameters in the Alpine-Mediterranean region from surface wave analysis

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Jochen Braunmiller, Urs Kradolfer, Torsten Dahm                                                              

Schorlemmer Danijel

EARTHquake statistics and likelihood model testing in California

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, David Jackson, Max Wyss

Steimen Sibylle

Uncertainties in earthquake scenarios

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Jochen Zschau, S.Tschudi



Gerstenberger Matthew

Earthquake clustering and time-dependent probabilistic seismic hazard analysis for California

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Stefan Wiemer, Lucile Jones



Kastrup Ulrike

Seismotectonics and stress field variations in Switzerland

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Nicholas Deichmann, Keith Evans, Mary Lou Zoback

Kind Fortunat

Development of microzhonation methods: application to Basle, Switzerland

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Frank Scherbaum, Peter Huggenberger

Bay Francesca

Ground motion scaling in Switzerland: implications for hazard assessment

Referent:          Domenico Giardini

Korreferenten:  Donat Fäh, Peter Suhadolc



Lang Kerstin

Seismic vulnerability of existing buildings

Referent:          Hugo Bachmann

Korreferenten:  Marc Badoux, G.M. Caliv, Domenico Giardini