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The SED's Mission

Right from the start of the project, the Swiss Seismological Service (SED) has been responsible for independently monitoring the seismic stimulation process. Recorded quakes have constantly been registered by a purpose-expanded seismic network, their epicentre was located by the SED and the results were published as a database and on maps on the project website. When a recorded quake has a local magnitude of 2.0 or more, the SED also informs the relevant authorities. In addition, the SED also provided the authorities of the Canton of Basel-Stadt on the implementation of the SERIANEX study [1] with expert advice on the earthquake risk of the Deep Heat Mining project. Since May 2012, the canton has commissioned the SED to take over the seismic monitoring of the immediate vicinity of the borehole in Basel from Geopower Basel. Furthermore, in March 2017 the SED drafted an analysis of induced earthquakes following the discontinuation of the geothermal energy project in Basel.

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[1] Baisch Stefan, Carbon David, Dannwolf Uwe, Delacou Bastien, Devaux Mylène, Dunand François, Jung Reinhard, Koller Martin, Martin Christophe, S. M., & Secanell Ramon, V. R. (2009). Deep Heat Mining Basel Seismic Risk Analysis SERIANEX.